Solar Dart works in the field of supplying, installing, operating and maintaining renewable energy plant components of all kinds and has obtained a qualification certificate to work in the field of photovoltaic systems
 Issued by the New and Renewable Energy Authority of the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy, License No. 107
This enables it to establish solar power stations to produce electricity and connect the station to the government electricity grid
To reduce consumer electricity bills
With the best international components and obtaining many international certificates as the highest sales around the world
And subject to the tests of the new and renewable energy authority
After installing the station, the electricity meter is changed with another two-way meter
In the morning,  works in calculating the number of kilowatts produced from the solar station
 And  works at night to calculate the number of kilowatts produced by the government network
 At the end of the month, the accounting is done by net metering system

Developing the urban areas that the state seeks to establish
To high-end jobs that use renewable and clean alternative energy

  Development and addition in the field of renewable energy
For the advancement of our dear country, Egypt

Providing electricity bill to the consumer and investing in the following sectors as follows:

Solar power sectors

Agricultural sector
Owners of agricultural lands and workers in the field of land reclamation suffer from the lack of electricity needed to operate water pumps in some areas to irrigate the lands, and this may cost them to pay exorbitant sums to transport diesel to generators that are famous for the loud noise associated with operating periods. Solar Dart took into account the optimal use in designing the station of the space that The station will be built on, dispensing with these generators and this noise, and using silent, clean energy commensurate with that quiet environment while providing technical and advisory support that contributes to the upgrading of this sector.

 Industrial sector 
Solar Dart is keen to promote the industrial sector because it is the basis of the renaissance in Egypt most of the factories so far suffer from a high electricity bill, and the best solution to get out of this impasse is solar energy. On our part, we believe in facilitating the wheel of production and providing the elements for success for the industrial sector. The life of the solar station may reach 25 years, and there is no maintenance other than cleaning the panels once in a while and not allowing them to form a layer of dust. In most cases, the cost of constructing the solar station is recovered after the first four years, and this is considered a saving in the electricity bill and an investment at the same time.
The residential and individuals sector
The residential sector is one of the largest sectors in Egypt, and recently this sector has witnessed great interest from the Egyptian government by creating many new urban communities.
Here comes the role of Solar Dart to reduce costs for the real estate developer, such as managing the compound, issue a contract and agreement is made to establish a complete solar power station to be linked to the government electricity network so that the surplus will be used at night in the process of lighting roads and service buildings and investing the amounts of maintenance deposits from customers for the benefit of the administration because the station lasts Up to 25 years and the payback period may be up to 5 years.

Commercial sector 
The electricity bill segment of the commercial sector increases every year, which made the investor resort to alternative and safe methods to provide him with the amounts paid to cover consumption.
Solar Dart is working on optimizing the roof space of shops, restaurants, cafes and commercial centers to operate the solar power station and connect it to the government grid, and this is a good investment for this sector.

 Tourism sector
Solar Dart hopes to advance in this important and vital sector, as after the Corona crisis, the owners of hotels, villages and resorts to reconsidered reducing expenses. Of course, the savings include the expenses of the electricity bill. Solar Dart can provide technical assistance and support in this important sector.

Education sector
This sector is characterized by the number of specific working hours, which is the morning period, which makes the idea of investing in this sector very promising. For owners of international school and private universities to increase their profit margin and reduce expenses due to the long life of the solar power station, which reaches 25 years.