Dart On Grid

On grid .

A solar power station connected to a government grid and known as an on grid

This type is the most appropriate and suitable to meet the rise in electricity prices as the average electricity consumption of the place is calculated per month. Based on this consumption, a solar power plant is constructed with average consumption capacity. The station is connected to the government electricity grid.

- The average consumption is less than the capacity of the plant and result in this surplus in energy and then the surplus will go to the government network and can be sold to the government electricity network for the benefit of the client

- The average consumption shall be equal to the capacity of the station and the customers consumption of government electricity shall be zero

- The average consumption is more than the capacity of the station and in this case the customer has received a savings in the value of the electricity bill and is accounted for on a lower bracket.


Therefore, in all previous cases, the customer has benefited from the installation of the station and access to alternative energy and provided ..

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