Solar stations connected to the electricity grid
They are solar plants that generate electricity from the sun and pump it into the government electricity grid, and they are constructed on top of buildings or on the surface of the earth
After installing the station, the electricity meter is changed with another two-way meter, so that it works in the morning to calculate the number of kilowatts produced from the solar station
 And he works at night in calculating the number of kilowatts produced from the government network and at the end of the month the accounting is done with the net metering system and the stations connected to the electricity network are characterized by their low cost due to the absence of the need for batteries, which represent a large percentage of the cost of the station and need to be replaced periodically from 3 to 5 years
The station is not delivered to the consumer except through the Electricity Company and with the approval of the Energy Authority, which in turn approves all the components of the station by testing the components before connecting them to the government electricity grid.
Hence, Solar Dart is keen on credibility between itself and the consumer to ensure the quality and efficiency of the station by following it from time to time.

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