SUNPAD is a unique and completely new solar system. By integrating the heat

carrier tank into the insulation, which at the same time includes all supporting

components, we have created the most compact solar system available on the  market.

Due to the small number of components, the system is virtually maintenance-free.


The heart of the system is the heat storage tank. It contains 150 liters of heat trans-


fer fluid. This heat transfer fluid is a mixture of anti corrosion liquid mixed with water

which has been already prefilled to the system. The tank is manufactured using the

latest laser welding technology.

The special solar coating on the surface of the tank causes the heat transfer fluid in


the tank to be heated when exposed to the sunlight. The incident solar energy is  

released directly without line losses to the water. This means the system provides  


liters of heat transfer fluid during the day up to 85 degrees celsius (depending

on climate zone and local environment).

This tank also hosts the precisely dimensioned (19 m long) heat exchanger which


carries the actual potable water.


Connected to the house water pipe, the tank is flowed through with the tap water.

If water is tapped, it will heat up as it flows through the heat exchanger and hot water

will be available.

With the downstream mixing valve, the water will be mixed down to the desired  

temperature. Depending on the enviroment and temperature of the system, up to


liters of water with 40 degrees celsius will be available.

To maintain the temperature in the tank, it is encased with up to 50 mm thick insulation of high-quality expanded polypropylene foam (EPP). This insulation also takes

over the holding function for the highly transparent and UV resistant cover insulation

and the solar safety glass.










The shapely exterior housing, which resembles that of an iPad, consists of expanded  

polypropylene foam (EPP). Due to the excellent insulation effect, it prevents the

cooling of the heat transfer tank. Simultaneously, it also adopts the holding function

for the cover insulation which is UV resistant and for the solar safety glass.


The 150-liter steel tank is welded by using state-of-the-art laser technology. The tank

is operated without pressure. SUNPAD protection liquid has been already filled in

the tank when the system is delivered. This special liquid prevents the formation from

rust and ensures a long lifetime of the system. The surface of the tank is coated with

solar paint and offers an external corrosion protection.


The heat exchanger in the tank is a ribbed corrugated pipe made of high-grade

stainless steel. Precisely dimensioned in diameter and length ensuring the heat  

exchanger provides optimal heat transfer.



To protect the tank from external weather influences, it is covered with a antireflex

safety glass. This glass, with an extremely high energy transmission, ensures that as

much solar energy as possible is transferred to the heat transfer medium. Additionally, there is a UV resistant cover insulation in between, which is made of polycarbonate with insulating bars to keep the heat in the tank.